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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OzzBlog Tuesday 1/27/15

Daily entertainment stories are now posted on the Blake Ozz Facebook page.  Click the image on right to link to it.  Be sure to 'Like' the page!

Tue 1/27:  JV/V Basketball at Clayton: 4:30pm


Please send in events to 

Wed 1/28:  Ins & Outs of Microsoft Outlook: Noon-1pm @ SCCC/ATS, 1801 N Kansas

Thu 1/29:  Crochet Class: 6-8pm @ Baker Arts

Fri-Sat, Fri 1/30-1-31, 2/6:  Adult Ceramics Workshop: 6:30pm-10am, 6:30pm @ Baker Arts 624-2810

That's all for now .... Peace/Out

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