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Thursday, December 11, 2014

OzzBlog Thursday 12/11/14

Daily entertainment stories are now posted on the Blake Ozz Facebook page.  Click the image on right to link to it.  Be sure to 'Like' the page!

Thu-Fri 12/11-12:  Lincoln Penguin Patch Shoppe  7:15am - 3pm


Thu 12/11:  McDermott Go-Getters  7:55am


Thu 12/11:  SMS 7th & 8th Girls BB v Hugoton  4 & 6:30pm

Thu 12/11:  WMS 7th Girls BB v Horace Good  4pm

Thu 12/11:  WMS 8th Girls BB at Horace Good  4pm

Thu 12/11:  Cottonwood 5th Music Program  6:30pm

Thu 12/11:  LHS Band Concert  8pm


Please send in events to 

Fri 12/12:  FNB Holiday Open House:  10a-4p @ 1700 N. Lincoln

Tue 1/6-27:  Breathe Free Plan to Stop Smoking:  9 session series @ Classy Rack, 218 S Kansas 

That's all for now .... Peace/Out

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