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Thursday, October 23, 2014

OzzBlog Thursday 10/23/14

Daily entertainment stories are now posted on the Blake Ozz Facebook page.  Click the image on right to link to it.  Be sure to 'Like' the page!

Thu 10/23:  No School - PTC Pre-K thru 6th:

Thu 10/23:  Book Fairs for Sunflower, Lincoln & SMS:  

Thu 10/23:  No School - PTC Pre-K thru 12th:

Fri 10/24:  V Football v Goddard (Sr Rec):  7pm

Please send in events to 


Fri 10/24:  50th Birthday Party for Head Start  1-4pm at 50 Village Plaza

Sat 10/25:  Alzheimer's Walk  1-3pm at Light Park

Mon & Thu's 10/27:  Welding - Beginning & Advanced  7-10pm SCCC/ATS 2215 N Kansas


That's all for now ... Peace/Out

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