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Thursday, March 20, 2014

OzzBlog 3/20/14

Daily entertainment stories will now be posted on the Blake Ozz Facebook page.  Click below to link to it & ‘like’ it!  After you ‘like’ the page, then hover your mouse over ‘Liked’, when the menu drops down click on ‘Get Notifications’, this way you won’t miss my posts as I make them

Mon-Fri 3/17-21: No School - Spring Break 

Elementary/Intermediate Lunch: NO SCHOOL

Middle/HS School Lunch:  NO SCHOOL

Upcoming Events from  

Thu 3/20: LIVE on Stage 'Back On Broadway': 7:30pm. 

Tue 4/1: LIVE on Stage 'The Diamonds': 7:30pm.

That’s all for now … Peace/Out

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